Ms. Camay International, LLC, a “client first company” presents a long standing philosophy that, supporting organizations in entertainment and business will make a difference and impact the world.  The CEO, Ms. Camay, cherishes her adolescent vision of purpose and intention to improve the communities we live in by providing professional legal consulting solutions, top notch notary public service in Nevada and Washington, including national subject matter expert support to targets of workplace bullying.  This comes through networking and partnering with like-minded individuals, providing “first class care” with a lifelong commitment of building relationships that improve our quality of life.


MCI, LLC and its affiliates see a world where every person has the same opportunity to utilize their divine purpose and walk in greatness.  Ms. Camay is empowered with years of experience that supports and sponsors national pageant systems, the plus-size movement and several empowerment platforms around the country.  Ms. Camay has curated personalized delegate coaching and small business consulting exclusive to the MCI, LLC brand, offered to elite professionals who are serious about mastering their craft.




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"Camay is a thoughtful woman who has used her personal pain in being targeted by workplace bullying to bring awareness across the United States.  Ms. Camay has uplifted and affected so many lives who felt they had no voice as targets of workplace bullying."


Luvleigh Alston, RN, BA, CPC

Agape Intelligence Behavior Master




Las Vegas, NV








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