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Legal Solutions

Ms. Camay is a  business professional and has worked in the legal field for over two decades, supporting lawyers in Fortune 500 insurance defense litigation corporations and international business law

***Legal Statement*** MCI is a Registered Document Preparer, is not an attorney authorized to practice law and is prohibited from providing legal advice or legal representation to any person

  • Civil Litigation

  • Registered Document Preparer

  • Registered Agent

  • S-Corp, LLC and 501(c)(3) Formation

  • Will & Testament

  • Power of Attorney

  • Trademarks

  • Claims/Settlement

  • Negotiations

  • Outsourcing


Notary Solutions

Ms. Camay is a Notary Public in the State of Nevada and provides notarial services to the community of Clark County. She is certified, bonded and insured carrying E&O Insurance coverage as a Notary Signing Agent, offering Notary Signing Agent services to the voluptuous real estate market in Las Vegas.

Please Note: Ms. Camay is not an attorney and cannot offer any legal advice and cannot interpret or explain the contents of any documents requiring notarization

  • Mobile Notary Public

  • eNotary

  • Certified Notary Signing Agent

  • Workplace Bullying Webinar

  • Admin/Operations Notary Coach/Mentor


  • Living Trusts

  • Affidavits, Deed of Trust

  • Grant Deed, Quitclaim Deed

  • Financial, Insurance, Legal, Employee

  • Medical, Loan, and Power of Attorney


Workplace Bullying Solutions

Ms. Camay was bullied in the workplace working for a large insurance corporation inside a trial division office. While building a strong civil claim against her employer, she successfully negotiated a settlement avoiding costly litigation. This personal, professional legal experience qualifies Ms. Camay as a subject matter expert on the topic enabling her to consult with targets who are being bullied in the workplace.

Ms. Camay serves as the Vice President and Chair of the Outreach and Education Program with the National Workplace Bullying Coalition, supporting lobbying efforts of the Dignity At Work Act (DAWA), and is passionate about eradicating and eliminating bullying in the workplace.

  • Subject Matter Expert Consulting

  • Calculated One-on-One Process Mapping

  • Workplace Bullying Webinar

  • Resource Referrals


Ms. Camay has served her local community as "The People's Advocate" providing a voice for the voiceless and offering consulting services that help "top tier" clients navigate through difficult situations they encounter. She holds an International Ambassador Title in pageantry and has served as a Sponsorship Liaison within the fashion and modeling industry. Ms. Camay is the Executive Producer of The Ms. Camay Show Podcast and spent two full seasons as "on air" talent on KKNW Alternative Talk AM Radio. As the CEO of Ms. Camay International and a ParaProfessional, she is well experienced in drafting professional business partnership agreements and highly skilled in business contract negotiations. Ms. Camay is well respected in her community, often asked to give presentations to our youth about body image and self-esteem, and sought after for presentations on topics such as, the power of PTSD and the power of negotiation and influence. As a newly married wife, Ms. Camay speaks to women around the world, empowering them to manifest LIVING THEIR BEST LIFE!

Consulting Solutions
  • Motivational Speaker

  • Hostess/Mistress of Ceremonies

  • Women Empowerment Public Figure

  • Youth Advocate Partner

  • Sponsorship Agreements

  • Non-Compete Agreements

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • Model Release Agreements

  • Print Release Agreements

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