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Documents + Pricing

  • Last Will + Testament

  • Living Trust

  • Living Will for Healthcare

  • Power of Attorney

  • Consulting Agreement

  • Bundle - Last Will, Living Will, Living Trust + Power of Attorney​

Under the direction of my clients, I provide assistance in legal matters with preparing and completing pleadings, applications and/or other legal and non-legal documents.  I can translate an answer to a client question posed in such documents and I can secure any supporting documents required in connection with legal matters on behalf of my clients.  I can submit completed documents on behalf of my client's to any court or administrative agency, such as Nevada's 8th Judicial District Court, the Secretary of State, the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation and Nevada's Professional and Occupational Licensing Boards.

***Legal Disclosure*** Ms. Camay is not an attorney and therefore cannot give legal advice and cannot represent a client in a legal matter. Any communication between the client and Ms. Camay is not protected from disclosure by any privilege. Ms. Camay has built strong relationships with various attorneys who work in various areas of the law in the State of Nevada, California and Washington and can refer clients to an attorney, should they need legal advice or legal representation. $25,000 Western Surety Company NV Document Preparation Business Service Bond #66333110 filed with the Secretary of State in Nevada*** 

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