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Fees as of July 1, 2021 (see NRS 240.100)


  • For taking an acknowledgment, for the first signature of each signer 

  • For each additional signer 

  • For administering an oath or affirmation without a signature

  • For a certified copy 

  • For a jurat, for each signature on the affidavit

*Travel fee is going to be assessed, pursuant to NRS 240.100(3)(d)(1)(2), full disclosure of the travel fee must be made in advance of the travel

and be agreed upon by the person requesting the service. All fees collected, the date and time of day must be recorded in the notary journal.

Ms. Camay is a commissioned Notary Public and e-Notary in the State of Nevada. She is a professional member of the National Notary Association and a certified, trained, background screened, bonded and insured Notary Signing Agent. Ms. Camay is Fidelity Title Certified and has worked with several major title companies in the surrounding Las Vegas community. She represents each company with precision, professionalism, and delightful interpersonal signing appointments with borrowers while maintaining her pledge to ethical business practices and commitment to NALA’s Rules of Professional Conduct.


Ms. Camay is a professional business consultant with over two decades of experience in civil litigation, insurance defense litigation and international business law. She is an experienced motivational speaker who gives empowerment presentations and webinars that inspire and educate people on serious topics that affect our communities.  She has been labeled "the people's advocate" for her support of working-class Americans and is recognized by other industry professionals as the "subject matter expert" on workplace bullying.


“Ms. Camay presents as a highly motivated and dedicated individual. Her portfolio displays a person who is goal-oriented and determined in the approach taken toward those goals. I have no question that Ms. Camay has a demonstrated history of success in the approach taken toward those goals. I have no question that Ms. Camay has a demonstrated history of success in her approach to the stated efforts. She demonstrated knowledge of advanced legal writing, drafting legal documents within the legal field by way of practical experience. I found no areas of weakness in her application or supporting documentation as to this aspect. This reviewer was also impressed by Ms. Camay's knowledge of the various documents necessary in trial preparation and the litigation process. The supporting documentation demonstrated that Ms. Camay is well respected, socially and professionally within the law practice setting. This reviewer has no concern for lack of legal research skills of her learning. The outcomes for the course, Advanced Legal Writing for which credit is being sought do include, Analyze complex legal issues and strategies through research * Select the appropriate form and tone for legal documents * Compose legal documents * Valuate primary and secondary resources for research * Use electronic libraries/databases for research purposes.  Ms. Camay has demonstrated success in learning research and analysis skills, and reducing the results of that research into a professional memorandum.”


Kaplan University

Portfolio Panel Legal Professor

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