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Ms. Camay serves as the Nevada State Bill Director and Co-Chair of the Outreach and Education Program with the National Workplace Bullying Coalition, supporting lobbying efforts of the Dignity At Work Act (DAWA), and is passionate about eradicating bullying from the American workplace, focusing her efforts in the State of Nevada.

  • Workplace Bullying Webinar Registration

  • Stand Up, Speak Out E-Book

  • Dignity at Work Act

  • Bullying Awareness Conference

  • Donate to NWBC to End Workplace Bullying

  • Become a Member of the National Workplace Bullying Coalition


Wokrplace Bullying Webinar

Workplace Bullying Webinar Registration: Addressing Bullying in the Workplace


The audience will learn how to properly address being bullied in the workplace with appropriate corporate leaders and federal agencies, while potentially building a strong civil claim against repeated harassment and retaliation.


Stand Up, Speak Out E-Book

23 Inspiring Stories. One Important Message.

The coalition collected stories from people who successfully navigated workplace bullying. Our book includes true stories about extraordinary experiences with workplace bullying and how targets of bullying at work navigated through it and ultimately overcame it.


Dignity At Work Act

Hold employers accountable for abusing workers.

Help pass the Dignity At Work Act.

Our lives depend on it.


Bullying Awareness Conference

Workplace Bullying Awareness Conference
Restoring and Protecting Dignity At Work

Addressing Discrimination, Harassment, and Bullying in the Workplace


Donate to NWBC to End Workplace Bullying

We're raising money to push this issue into the national spotlight through:

  • Billboards

  • Facebook ads

  • Printed marketing materials

We need your help. Donate today and spread the word so we can put an end to workplace bullying.


Become a Member of the NWBC

Become a member of the National Workplace Bullying Coalition
For $25+ per year, targets and other supporters can get the following:


"16 Ways to be a Better Ally" list from Catherine Mattice of Civility Partners


The Re-Claim Your Power After Abuse At Work Bootcamp for Those Navigating Workplace Bullying from Dignity Together: $10 off

Plus much much more at the sign up link!

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